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Add a Front Matter Title Page
A title page for Front Matter content can be output for a publication in two ways:
1. If a Front Matter title page data module (DM) is included in the publication structure, the title page is output and styled according to the S1000D Specification
2. If a Front Matter title page DM is not included in the publication, the output PDF includes a basic autogenerated title page
An autogenerated title page is not styled as recommended by the S1000D Specification.
To create a new Front Matter title page DM and add it to publication structure:
1. Follow the process to create a DM in the information structure, at Disassembly Code Variant level of the SNS
For more information, see Create a New Data Module
2. Create a Front Matter DM with these details:
Schema — 4.1 Front Matter or 4.2 Front Matter, depending on the product you’re working in
Front Matter is not supported if you’re working in a 4.0.1 product.
Information Code — 001A -Title page
3. When you have created the DM, you can edit it in Arbortext Editor.
4. Add the Front Matter title page DM to the publication structure, at the root element of the publication module or publication section.
For more information, see Add Content to a Publication Structure.
Some guidelines for the content of a title page are given below. Following these guidelines will ensure optimum styling in output:
publisherLogo and enterpriseLogo elements — set the reproductionHeight and reproductionWidth attributes to 20mm
productIllustration element — set the reproductionHeight to a maximum of 49mm
barcode element — set the reproductionHeight to a maximum of 57mm