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Add a Business Rules Document Data Module
Valid for S1000D 4.2 products.
You can add a Business rules Document data module to an S1000D 4.2 information structure, under the Disassembly Code Variant node.
The Item Location Code must be set to D, to conform to Issue 4.2 of the S1000D specification.
Multiple Business Rules Document data modules are permitted in a structure.
To add a Business Rules Document data module:
1. Select the appropriate node of the information structure.
2. Select the Insert New > Insert New Document context menu item.
The Insert New Document dialog box is displayed.
3. Set the Authoring Language for the data module.
4. Select 4.2 Business Rules Document in the Schema field.
5. Select the Business Rules Document data module type 024A - Business rules document in the Information Code field.
6. If required by the project rules, check the Data Module Extension checkbox.
7. If the Data Module Extension checkbox was checked, in the Extension section, select the appropriate Extension Producer and Extension Code.
8. In the Attributes section, select the appropriate Location option; Autoselect Folder or Select Folder.
9. In the S1000D section, set the attributes to the required settings for the new data module.
You can specify a reference to a BREX data module here, by selecting one in the Brex Data Module field.
Ensure that the Item Location Code field is set to D — All three locations A, B, and C.
10. Click OK.
A confirmation message is displayed and the data module is created in the information structure.
You may need to customize the view of the Information Element List to display Business rules Document data modules. For more information, see Customizing Table Views.