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Perform a Disposition
An administrator should perform the following configurations in Type and Attribute Management:
The Disposition Details Link type is now available at site level in Type and Attribute Management. The type supports local as well as global attributes.
In the Disposition Record type, select DispositionRecordEditLayout in Type and Attribute Management > Layout menu to make the Disposition Record layout configurable.
For more information about working in Type and Attribute Management see, Working with the Type and Attribute Management Utility.
If you are assigned to a nonconformance role that performs a disposition, use the following procedure to record the completion of your task:
1. On your Home page, click the name of the nonconformance you would like to review from the My Tasks table.
You can also select Perform Disposition from the right-click actions menu.
2. On the task page, click Perform Disposition.
3. On the Perform Disposition window, enter the disposition details and under the Comments column, you can optionally enter any comments related to the disposition.
4. To create multiple rows for a disposition record, select the disposition detail row and click .
5. Click to edit or rework the split row to specify disposition items as separate records.
6. Click Finish to indicate you have performed the disposition.
When all disposition tasks are completed, the nonconformance is closed.
Viewing Dispositioned Items
The dispositioned items can be viewed from the nonconformance information page:
In the Structure tree, under a Disposition Plan node.
On the Structure tab, in the Dispositioned Items tables.