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Printing CAPAs
Printing CAPAs as a Batch
To print multiple CAPAs as a batch, do the following:
1. In site container, select Reports > CAPA Report with Navigation Version 2.
2. Select the criteria and click Generate.
3. From the Actions menu, select one of the following:
Batch Print—Creates a PDF with the report and attachments.
Batch Print With Audit Trail Journal—Creates a PDF with the report, attachments, and audit trail.
A message appears to confirm that the report has been added to the quality batch print queue. When the report is complete, the system generates an email with an attachment.
4. Open the ZIP file in the e-mail to view the report.
An email address must be configured on the user account.
If you do not receive an email with your report within a few hours, look in the system log to determine if there is an error.
You might receive multiple emails for the report, depending on the size of the report and the value of the Windchill Quality Management System Batch Print Report Size preference.
The report supports attachments of types PNG, BMP, JPG, TIF, GIF, WMF, and PDF. These attachments are added as individual pages in the report. Unsupported attachments are added as individual pages with an “unsupported printing format” message along with some additional information about the attachments.
Only users in the quality system manager role can print batches of quality objects.
Quality objects can be printed through the history report in Cognos and the audit trail on the Timeline tab. Some items that do not appear in Cognos might appear on the audit trail. The Cognos report is intended to be a company-configured electronic record, but the audit trail prints all fields.
The date in the footer can differ from the individual report date. The footer prints the date and time when the batch started. The header for each record prints the date and time that the report for that complaint ran.
Setting Preferences for Batch Printing
To specify the number of pages in a batch printing file, do the following:
1. In your quality context, select Utilities > Preference Management > Quality.
2. Right-click Windchill Quality Management System Batch Print Report Size.
3. In the Value field, enter the number of pages to include in the PDF. If the batch printing file exceeds the number of pages in this field, the system creates an additional PDF to continue the report.
The default number of pages is 1000.
The maximum number of pages is 6000.
4. Click OK.