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Audit Information Page
The audit information page provides tools for managing the details and collection of information associated with an audit. The page has menu actions and tabs for managing information about the audit. On the Actions menu, you can perform a variety of actions on the audit.
The following tabs are available on the Audit Information page:
The Details tab contains following sections:
The General section displays the general audit information.
The System section displays the workflow life cycle state of the audit. The current state of the audit is highlighted in bold.
The Audit Details section displays the audit details.
Audit Management
Displays a list of tasks related to the audit, as well as the Nonconformance and CAPA requests associated with the audit. This tab may contain at least the following three sections:
Associated Process Objects
Associated Reference Objects
Related Tasks
Allows you to attach a file to the audit. For more information, see Attachments Table.
Routing/Process History
Displays the audit workflow status and task history.
Displays the information of the audit members. The Members table provides actions to add and manage members for an audit. For more information see, Members Table.
You can also add a new tab to the audit screen and it can be customized using the Customize drop-down menu.
There is a workflow state link at the upper right corner in the audit information page that displays the running workflow lifecycle state of the audit. Click the workflow state link to view the various states in the audit. The current audit state is indicated in orange. For more information, see The Windchill Audit Management Process.
Actions Menu
The audit information page contains a list of menu actions available from the upper left area of the page. See Audit Table Page for a list of actions available in Windchill.