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Managing Options in the Option Pool
To work with the option pool, go to the Details page of a product or library, and click the Option Pool tab. From this page, you can create and manage options and choices that belong to the option pool, and create the rules to define the choice selection logic.
The Option Pool page has two panes:
The left pane shows a tree view of groups, options, and choices included in the option pool.
The right pane shows the tabs that provide more detailed information on the attributes and rules defined for the option set. For example, depending on the item selected, you can see some of the following tabs: Sales Option, Design Option, Include Rules, Enable Rules, Exclude Rules, and Where Used.
Tree View of the Option Pool
The tree view of the option pool provides a hierarchical view of the groups (if they are defined) and options with choices that exist in the option pool. You can use the Expand All or Collapse All options under Actions menu to toggle the view. You can also filter the tree to show specific types of options by selecting from a drop-down menu. This option is available only when more than one design options are configured. For more information, see Enabling or Disabling Sales and Design Subtypes. The Export List to File option is available to export all the tree information to a file in any of the available formats such as CSV, HTML, PDF, XLS, and so on. For more information, see Actions Common Among Objects.
When you select an item in the tree, the right pane shows the tabs that provide detailed information on the item. The next table lists item types appearing in a tree view and describes information and actions available for these items.
Item type
Available actions
configurable product
A top-level item in the tree, indicating the container within which the option pool is created
The right pane shows the tabs for design and sales choices, as well as for include and exclude rules. From these tabs, you can create and manage options and rules in the option pool.
A user-defined collection of options, allowing you to organize options within the option pool
You can expand a group to display the options included in the group.
By right-clicking a group, you can access the View Information, Edit Group, and Delete Group actions.
The right pane displays attributes and options included in the selected group.
A capability or feature that may have several choices.
You can expand an option to view the choices defined for this option.
By right-clicking an option, you can access actions for editing or deleting an option, for assigning an option to a group, and for creating a choice for this option.
The right pane displays attributes of and choices defined for the selected option.
Choices (allowed values) associated with the selected option
Attributes of a choice and a list of items to which the choice is assigned are accessible from the right pane by clicking the Attributes and Where Used tabs.
By right-clicking a choice, you can access actions for editing or deleting a choice, and actions for creating rules.