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Using Input Pages
Consider this information about the input pages:
The number of input pages presented depends on the number of parameters and page breaks defined for the configurable module.
If a solution cannot be found, you need to return to the previous input pages using the Back button, and change your selections.
If a parameter has constraints, the selection of the parameter is typically done from a drop-down list.
Selection of parameters with a type Boolean is done by clicking selections.
If a parameter is not required, the Leave unspecified option is available for selection.
If a parameter has an explanation defined, the text provided for the parameter is displayed above the parameter.
If a parameter has a helpURL defined, a help link is displayed in the header section above the parameter. You can click on this link to get specific help information for the parameter.
If a parameter has imageURL defined, the image is displayed to the right of the parameter. However, if the parameter has enumerated values defined with the corresponding images, these images are displayed to the right of the parameter instead.
If a parameter has a default value defined, you can use a restore default action icon to restore the parameter to its default setting.
If a parameter has a calculationExplanation defined, this value is included in the summary of input parameters.