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Variant Specification Information Page
To access the information page of a variant specification, locate the variant specification in the Folder Contents table and click . From the information page, you can perform actions on the variant specification as well as view attributes and additional information.
Information pages contain a list of applicable actions in a menu just below the object identification line. See Common Actions for a list of common actions available in Windchill. The availability of these actions depends on the status of the variant specification, as well as your access to it. For more information about status indicators, see Object Status.
The following actions may be of particular interest for this object.
Allows you to change the description for the variant specification. You must check out the variant specification before editing. When finished editing, you can check it back in.
Save As
Creates a copy of the variant specification.
Preview a variant specification to review the choice selections and other settings.
Allows you to reconfigure the variant specification by redefining user inputs, and to reselect a solution from available variant solutions.
Request Deliverables
Creates deliverables for the variant specification.
When all requested deliverables are completed, you are notified by email with a link to the variant specification.
An email is sent regardless of whether the requested deliverables were created successfully or not.
View Variant Solution
Lists the filtered structure that includes only the parts included in the variant, with the quantities and parameter values selected for each part.
Compare Information
Compares two variant specifications.
Compare Variant Solution
Compares solutions of two variant specifications.
Enables individuals or groups to receive email notifications when certain events or actions occur on a variant specification.
Set State
Allows you to release a variant specification. As a result, one more object called configurable structure baseline is created. For more information, see Capturing the Configuration of a Variant Specification.
The configurable structure baseline is used only for managed variant specifications.
You can customize the tabs that appear on each object information page to display the information most useful to you.
Administrators may have modified the tabs that are viewable to you.
Selected Choices
The table is displayed by default in the Details tab of the variant specification information page. To add this table to another tab, click Customize > General > Selected Choices.
This table captures the choices that were selected for this variant specification during the part configuration process. For each selected choice, the table lists the option name and the group to which it belongs.
Completed Deliverables
To show this information, add a new tab and select Customize > Related Objects > Deliverables.
This table lists the deliverables created from the variant specification. From this table, you can add a deliverable by associating an existing part to the variant specification, and you can also delete deliverables.
Requested Deliverables
To show this information, add a new tab and select Customize > Related Objects > Deliverables.
This table lists any existing requests made on the system to create a variant part from this variant specification. Once the request is processed and the deliverable is created, the request is deleted by the system.
Matching Variant Specifications
To show this information, add a new tab and select Customize > Related Objects > Matching Variant Specifications.
This table shows the matching variant specifications and variant parts that exist for this variant specification. This table is read-only.