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Windchill Security: Support of Multiple Values on Standard Security Labels
Product: Windchill
The introduction of multivalue security labels expands the scope of use cases for customer IP (Intellectual Property) protection, that are addressable by the IP Protection license module. This capability uses simple configuration and deployment of evaluation logic, providing greater flexibility to customers. In some cases, support for multivalue security labels mitigates or replaces the need for more costly implementations of custom security labels.
Additional Details
You can configure a standard security label to have multiple values and an out-of-the-box evaluation of end-user access using AND or OR logic. After deployment, use of multi-value security labels is supported in a manner similar to that of the existing standard (single value) security label, including create, edit, and driving initial values using OIRs (Object Initialization Rules). This includes support for the bulk update and for the setting of multivalue security labels using the UpdateSecurityLabels command line utility. You can update the existing standard security labels using simple configuration steps, to support multivalues.
In the screen images that follow, see how the multivalued security labels appear in the UI (user interface):
Setting security labels from the create user interface
Setting security labels from the edit user interface
Security labels with multiple values on Folder Contents page
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