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Windchill PDMLink: License Profiles
Product: Windchill PDMLink
In this release, the actions are added to license profiles to ensure that the users can use these actions based on their entitlement. This helps in maintaining consistency between the license definition and the capabilities provided to the licensed users.
Additional Details
An administrator can add users in the license profile groups to enable certain user interface actions based on the license that the users are entitled to. If an action is added to a particular license, and if the user is added to that license group, the corresponding user interface actions are available to that user. The following table contains the actions that are profiled and are mapped to their respective license profiles and standard profiles. These actions are used for controlling the visibility of the corresponding user interface actions.
The profiled actions related to Product Structure Explorer and Advanced Assembly Editor are no longer available in Windchill version
If an action is present under multiple licenses, then while tracking the license usage, that action will be reported for all the licenses that the user is entitled to.
Profiled Actions
Create Choice
Create Option
Create Alias
Create Option Set
Manage Choices
Assign Option Set
Remove Merged Items
Assign Expression
Copy Assigned Expression
View Assigned Expression
View Related Variant Specs
View Related Advanced Configurables
View Related Variants
Create Conditional Rule
Create Exclude Rule
Create Enable Rule
Create Include Rule
Create Supersede Relationship
Assign Variant Baselines
Create Baselines
Launch Product Family Matrix Editor
Import from Spreadsheet
Export Importable Spreadsheet
View Product Structure
View Details page
View Team page
View Product Plan page
View Product Resources page
Create Parts
Create Configurable Module Manual Selection Rules
Insert Part
Assign Expression
Merge Option Sets
Undo Supersede Relationship
Remove Replacement
Create/Edit/Delete Supplier
Manage Document Related Parts
Create Documents
Manage Part Related Documents
View Related CAD Documents
View Part Related Documents
View Version History
Save As
Assign Plant, Enterprise Data, and Plant-specific Functional Data Table Actions
View Related Baselines
View Related Contexts
Filter Configurable Structures
View Related Parts
View Related Part Instances
View Product Family Structure
View Part Instances
Fulfill Change Action
Generate Change Actions
Undo Fulfill Change Action
View Part Configurations
Set State
Edit Option Filter
Request Deliverables
Manage Part Alternates
Manage Part Substitutes
View Part Alternates
View Part Substitutes
View Rename History
View Save As History
View Details page on Organization tab
View Effectivity History
View Library Tab
View Product Tab
Select Configuration Specifications for Advanced Configurable Parts
The following table contains the license profiles that are introduced in this release:
Profile Name
PTC Creo Data Management and Visualization License
Provides visibility to the capabilities associated with a PTC Creo Data Management and Visualization License.
PTC Service Information Manager Translation License
Provides the translation management capabilities of SIM including the ability to create and cancel Translation Packages.
PTC Regulatory Master License
Provides visibility to the capabilities associated with PTC Regulatory Master License.
Related Information
For more information on profiles and licensing, see Profiles and Windchill Licensing.