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Change Management: Conduct Change Request Review from Windchill or ThingWorx Navigate
Product: Windchill
Allows the review and approval process to be extended to the ThingWorx Navigate users to conduct their reviews using the ThingWorx Navigate interface.
Additional Details
The following updates are made to the Change Request workflow:
The Change Request workflow is modified to include a new review mode Full-Track Online Review. The names of the existing modes are updated to Fast-Track Approval and Full-Track Offline Review.
In Full-Track Online Review, the Change Review Board conducts the review online. The members can approve or reject the change request or route it to for analysis. Only when all the members approve the change request, it is routed for implementation. If any user routes the change request for analysis or rejects it, it is sent to the Analyze Change Request or Reject step respectively.
The variables windchillReview and windchillSignOffActivity are added in Analyze Change Request, Full-Track Offline Review, and Full-Track Online Review. Full-Track Offline Review and Full-Track Online Review also include the variable windchillApprovalPath.
The Workflow Records table is visible by default on the information page of a change request. The table displays records only if the variable windchillReview is set to true. The table displays the values for the columns Approval Path and Signoff based on the values set for the variables windchillApprovalPath and windchillSignOffActivity respectively.
The Conduct Online CRB Review node includes additional roles: Engineering Manager, Plant Manager, and Purchasing Manager.
When you create a change request from an existing change request or change notice, the complexity value is propagated by default.
The delegates ChangeNoticeComplexityDelegate and DefaultChangeNoticeComplexityDelegate are deprecated. Use the ChangeItemComplexityDelegate and DefaultChangeItemComplexityDelegate delegates in place of the deprecated delegates.
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