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Workflow: Access Workflow Tasks in ThingWorx Navigate
Product: Windchill
Enables ThingWorx Navigate users to access and manage a workflow task using the Thingworx Navigate interface, instead of Windchill.
Additional Details
The workflow of defining an activity has been enhanced to add the External Task option. This option can be used to specify the participant roles that would interact with the tasks generated from that activity using the My Tasks application in ThingWorx Navigate. Task notifications sent to the users in the specified roles will include a URL that opens the details page of the workflow task in the ThingWorx Navigate application. The format of the task URL should be specified in the property wt.workflow.task.navigateURL.
If the External Task option is not selected, the email notification will include the task URL to Windchill only.
Related Information
For more information, see Assigning an Actor or a Role to an Activity.