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Related Object Search
Use related object searching to search based on object relationships. For example, you can search for all parts that have a related change request.
The Related Object Search field appears when the following conditions are met:
The Enable Related Object Search preference is set to Yes. This is set at the site level.
Only one object type is selected.
The selected object type has an associated report template that is available for advanced searches. For more information, see Creating and Using an Advanced Search Report Template.
Report criteria is joined by the AND operator and can be included in saved searches.
Windchill Index Search is not required.
1. Under Type, select a single object type. If it has an associated report template, the Related Object Search field appears.
2. Complete the Keyword, Context, and Criteria fields with information valid for the object type selected under Type.
3. Complete the fields under Related Object Search. The fields that appear depend on the report template. For information about the operators, see Related Object Search Operators.
4. Click Search.
The Search Results table displays the object type selected under Type. To view related object information, you must navigate to the information page.
If you have faceted results enabled, the Refine Results pane does not appear when performing a related object search.