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Specify which contexts to search.
To search across multiple context types:
1. Click More Options.
2. Select one of the following:
Search In
Select one of the following:
All Contexts
All Projects
All Libraries
All Products
The context type options might be different depending on the Windchill solutions installed at your site.
Depending on the access controls set at your site, your search results might include objects to which you have Read access but are located in contexts in which you are not a member, are added as a Guest, or are outside your organization.
To limit your results, select one or both of the following:
I am a member of—Search only in contexts in which you are a team member.
Are in my organization—Search only in contexts that are within your organization.
Do not select I am a member of if you are searching for a context (for example, if you selected Product under Type). This instructs Windchill to search for a context within other contexts of a certain type (contexts that you as a team member). This causes the search to fail. To view all contexts in which you are a member, you can navigate to the contexts table instead.
For example, to view all products in which you are a member, open the Navigator and click the product context icon . Click View All to open the Products table, and then select Active Member from the table view menu. For more information, see Products Table.
3. Click OK.
Select the checkbox next to My Favorite Contexts to include all the individual contexts listed below. You can further refine each search using the checkboxes next to individual contexts. Deselecting the checkbox next to a context excludes it from the search, but does not remove it from your favorites.
1. Click Add next to My Favorite Contexts.
2. From the Find Context window, use the search fields provided to select a context to include. For more information, see Finding a Context.
3. You can customize each search to include specific contexts:
To exclude an individual context, deselect the checkbox next to the context name. Select the checkbox to include it again. Selections are remembered between search sessions.
To remove a context from your favorites, hover over the context name and click the remove icon .
When you perform a folder search, the context or subfolder is automatically added to the list of contexts that appear.
When you perform a folder search, that folder is automatically added to your list of favorite contexts. If you perform the folder search from the top-level folder, then that context is added.
You can only search within one subfolder at a time. You cannot select a combination of contexts and individual folders. For more information, see Searching Within Folders.
You can also search within a network of linked contexts. For more information, see Searching Within Networks.