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Configuring Webhook Subscriptions
Installation of Winchill Rest Services 1.4 or above is a prerequisite to configure webhook subscriptions.
Only an administrator can perform this configuration. To configure and use webhook subscriptions, do the following:
1. Specify a base webhook URL in Webhooks > Outgoing Webhook URL preference at site level in Windchill Preference Management. The URL must begin with http or https. Only one URL can be specified. For example: http://earth:8004/webhook
2. Create webhook subscriptions using REST APIs to define the following:
Outgoing Webhook URL
Events for subscription
Object information
Object type and container or object level
Subscribed users
Subscription expiry date
Webhook subscriptions can be created using REST APIs only. For information on creating webhook subscriptions, refer to the Windchill REST Services 1.4 User's Guide.
The domain name in webhook URL, that was specified when creating the webhook, must be same as specified in Outgoing Webhook URL preference.
After the webhook subscriptions are created successfully, the webhook subscription items are listed in the Subscriptions table in Windchill. Webhook subscription items are indicated by in Windchill. For more information on accessing subscriptions table, see Subscriptions Table.
To fix SSLHAndshake related exception, import server certificate with client jdk.