Data Management Capabilities > Managing Change > Problem Reports and Variances in Projects > Creating a Change Object in a Project
Creating a Change Object in a Project
Based on the defined association rules, you can create a change object from a problem report or variance that exists in a project context. However, the change object is created in product or library context.
To create a change object, perform the following steps:
1. Right-click a problem report or variance on the Folder Contents table, click New, and then select the required change object.
2. In the change object window, the task of creating a change object is split into the following steps:
Set Context—Identify the context for the change object. The context can be product or library.
Set Attributes—Identify change object attributes that determine its identity and control its behavior. The Propagate Information check box allows you to propagate information from the problem report or variance to the new change object.
Select Affected Objects—Identify objects that are affected by the change object. Only those objects that exist in the product or library context can be selected.
Set Attachments—Manage associated file attachments. Files in the context of the change object can be added, updated, deleted, or viewed.
Select Associations—Identify associated process and reference objects.
3. Click Finish.