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Effectivity Table
To view and use the Effectivity table, you must customize a tab. Select Customize > General > Effectivity on the information page of the object. The only actions on an Effectivity table are to add or remove effectivities. The modify effectivity action occurs as a row action on an object in the Effectivity table. Click the modify effectivity icon .
Takes the selection out of the Effectivity table.
Opens the Add Effectivity window from which you can search for objects to add to the table. For more information, see Adding Effectivity.
Modify effectivity
Opens the Modify Effectivity window allowing you to make changes to the effectivity.
Setting the Effectivity Table View
When working on Effectivity Table in a newly installed Windchill, the table is set to Default view out of the box. In an upgraded Windchill system, the table view is set to the default view that was set prior to upgrade.
A site administrator can configure the table view to display Default view in an upgraded system using the following procedure:
1. Navigate to the Effectivity Table tab on a part information page.
2. Select Customize from the view drop-down list available at the top of table.
3. In the Customize View List, edit table view created by System. The Edit View wizard opens.
4. Set name and description to Default.
5. Configure the column set as given below:
Effectivity Type
Information Icon
Effectivity Context
Effectivity Qualifier
Effectivity Range
6. Set the sorting order for Effectivity Type to ascending mode.