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Downloading File Attachments
If you are downloading a file with the intent to modify its contents, you should first check out the object to which the file is attached. Downloading an attached file does not automatically reserve it for editing. For more information, see Editing an Attachment.
You can download a local file attachment from the Attachments table on the information page of the object to which the file is attached.
Use one of the following procedures to download an attached file:
To download a single file, click the format icon located in the table row of the file you want to download. For example, click the Microsoft Word document icon that appears when the attachment is in .docx format.
Click the information icon next to an attachment to navigate to its information page. From the Actions menu, select Download file attachment.
To download one or more files at once, select the checkboxes next to the files and click the download icon on the table toolbar.
When you download an attached file, you can either open and view the content or save the file to your local machine. The prompts you receive are determined by the File Download Behavior preference included in the download preference settings.
Any files you select for which you do not have permission to download are ignored. For more information, see Accessing Data.