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Key Considerations for More Tabs
More Tabs lists additional tabs that are available in the Item View. The following section describes how you can open a tab in More Tabs and access a different tab when More Tabs is open.
Use keyboard shortcut to navigate to any other element from More Tabs.
Opening a Tab in More Tabs
To open a tab in More Tabs:
1. Open More Tabs using the keyboard shortcut.
Press CTRL+ALT D for PC or Press CTRL+OPTION D for Mac.
2. Press DOWN ARROW to scroll to the desired tab and press ENTER.
The desired tab is opened.
Accessing a Section of Different Tab from More Tabs
To access a section of different tab from More Tabs:
1. Use the keyboard shortcut to access the first tab and press TAB to access the desired tab.
2. Press ENTER to open the tab.
3. Press TAB to navigate to the desired section in the tab.