Refreshed Web Interface > Editing in the Item View > Working with Relationships > Adding a Related Item
Adding a Related Item
To add one or more related items:
1. Scroll to the relationship field and click .
is disabled when a single-valued relationship already exists.
2. The Add Row window opens. Select a query from the Query list. If a default query is set, it is run when the Add Row page opens.
PTC recommends including the field Type in the default columns of the query, to maintain the system performance.
3. Allowed item types are displayed in the Select Item table.
You can sort the results or use column filters to search for items.
4. Select one or more items in the table and click Add. Click Save on the Item Edit page.
The items are added and successfully related to the source field.
You cannot add items that are already related to the source field.
An error message appears if the relationship is not permitted, due to administrator-set system constraints. In such a case, the relationship is not created.