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The sequence and grouping of fields in a section are maintained from the presentation template. However, the placement of a field in the Item View may vary from its position in the presentation template.
For example, in the presentation template grid, consider fields F1, F2, F3, F4 appearing in a sequence where:
Fields F1, and F2, are Integer fields and are placed one after the other.
Field F3 is a tabular field and placed after F2.
Field F4 is again an Integer field placed after F3.
The placement of the above-mentioned fields in the Item View is as follows:
Fields F1, and F2, are places in two equal-sized tiles as they are Integer type fields.
The field F3 is placed below F1 and F2 and consumes an entire row as it is a tabular field.
The field F4 is placed in a single tile below F3 as it is an Integer type field.
Group Section Heading
A group section heading in the Item View is taken from the display name of the Text Style with the prefix PTCWCRVS in the presentation template. You can also add the prefix PTCWCRVS to an existing text style and customize the display for the section heading. For more information, see topic Configuring the Presentation Template.