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Creating a PTCWCRVS-based Text Style
You need to configure the Item Presentation Template (IPT) to logically group the required fields in grids (sections) to be displayed in the Refreshed Item View.
Grid titles in the IPT are derived from Text Style in the presentation template. If the presentation template contains only a single grid in a tab, then all fields are displayed under one section of that tab in the Refreshed Item View.
You can add the prefix PTCWCRVS to an existing text style name and reuse it as a section heading in the Refreshed Item View. If there are no text styles with PTCWCRVS as the prefix, then the sections in the Refreshed Item View corresponding to the grid titles appear as Section 1, Section 2, and so on.
To create a PTCWCRVS-based text style:
1. On the Presentation Template toolbar, click to open the Layout Properties dialog box
2. Select any existing style in the Defined Text Styles list and in the Name field add the display name of defined text style with the prefix PTCWCRVS. For example, you can modify the existing text style Heading to PTCWCRVS_Heading.
3. In the page that opens, type the text string you want to display as the section heading as a value of property Text Override. For example, the value of the Text Override property could be Car Parameters.
Alternatively, you can also create a new text style that has name starting with PTCWCRVS and configure the Text Style property value for the section heading name in the Refreshed Item View.