Document Versioning > Configuring Windchill RV&S for Document Versioning
Configuring Windchill RV&S for Document Versioning
To configure Windchill RV&S for document versioning:
1. Set up a document model configuration.
2. Enable versioning on the appropriate segment and node item types. Some examples include:
Input Document
Requirement Document
Specification Document
Test Suite / Test Group
Test Case
Model Element
FMEA Document
Failure Mode
a. In the Windchill RV&S administration client, edit the specified type.
b. In the Edit Type dialog box, under Attributes, enable May have versions.
c. Click OK.
After you configure Windchill RV&S for document versioning, you may want to perform the following configuration tasks:
I want to...
In the Windchill RV&S Help Center, see...
Customize document content, for example, define which fields in versioned items are editable.
“Understanding Fields” and “Customizing Document Content”
Find information about a Versions field on live items that displays all versions of that item in a table.
“Understanding Fields”
Create computed expressions to include live or versioned items.
“Creating a Computed Field”, “Computed Expression Rules”, and “Item Information Functions”
Define a rule that specifies conditions for live or versioned document model items, for example, an event trigger rule that runs on versioned items only.
“Defining Rules” and “Creating Workflow and Document Event Triggers”
Create a report recipe that includes report tags to report on live or versioned item data.
“Creating a Report Recipe”, “Displaying Live and Ambiguous Fields in a Report Recipe”, and “Document Versioning Tags”