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Migrating a Shared Field or State Override
If you override a shared field or state for an item type on the staging server, when you migrate the field with the override you must also migrate any new item types that refer to the override. This can make migration difficult to manage, especially if there are multiple administrators or groups developing workflows.
The admin migration wizard contains a CLI command that allows you to migrate a shared field or state that has an override, without migrating the overrides of the new types that refer to it. This also removes the requirement of the new types to be migrated. To enable this feature, set the following property to true under Workflows and Documents > Configuration > Properties in the Windchill RV&S administration client:
You must have the AdminServer permission.
If this feature is enabled and if you create at least one new type on the staging server that has at least one field or state override, a new type overrides panel displays after the welcome panel of the Admin Migration Wizard. The new panel lists each item type that has not been migrated. You can select the type(s) that you want to temporarily remove overrides for during the migration.
In the Summary panel of the Admin Migration Wizard, item types that referenced a field or state override that has been removed are no longer highlighted as mandatory. If you select an item type, the metadata displayed at the bottom of the screen indicates if its overrides have been removed.
Field or state overrides remain on the staging server and can be migrated separately when required.