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To edit a workflow in the GUI
im edittype
1. Open the Workflow view.
2. To add additional states and state transitions, see (“Creating Workflow”).
3. To remove state transitions from the workflow, do one of the following:
Select the transition(s) then Transition > Remove.
Right click the transition, and select Remove.
You cannot save the workflow unless at least one group is assigned to each state transition in the workflow.
4. To remove states from the workflow, do one of the following:
Select the state(s) then State > Remove.
Right click the state, and select Remove.
In addition to the state, the state transitions to and from that state are removed. The Unspecified state cannot be deleted and must always exist in the workflow.
5. From the Edit menu, you can perform the following:
To undo the last operation, select Edit > Undo.
To redo the operation that undo was last performed on, select Edit > Redo.
You can undo or redo up to 10 operations when performing the following:
adding states
removing states
adding state transitions
removing state transitions
adding groups to selected state transitions
removing groups from selected state transitions
adding mandatory fields to selected states
removing mandatory fields from selected states