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To delete an item in the GUI
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You can delete an item by choosing the delete option from the Item menu in the GUI. Although this option is outside the Windchill RV&S administration client, the Delete Item command is not visible to users without administrative privileges. If the delete option is unavailable even though you have selected an item to delete and the item displays in the Item Details panel, you cannot delete this item temporarily because another user is editing it.
1. In the Query Results pane, select an item to delete, making sure it displays in the Item Details panel.
2. Select Item > Delete Item. The Delete Item message warns you that deleting this item cannot be undone and that if you delete it all the history information for this item is lost.
To delete an item that is not displayed, select File > Delete > Item and then specify the item ID.
3. Click Yes to confirm. After successful deletion, the item is removed from the Item Details pane.
4. Run the query to remove the item from the Query Results view.