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Deleting Admin Provided Objects and Items
As administrator, you may want to delete some of the building blocks that are used by Windchill RV&S. A building block is any one of the fundamental pieces that your Windchill RV&S database is built on, such as users, groups, projects, and items.
You can delete a user, group, dynamic group, type, state, field, or project, if you have not used them to make a change to the database. You cannot delete any building block that has been recorded in the history. For example, if you create a user or group and want to delete it immediately, you can. However, if a user or a group member logs in as that user and creates an item, or if someone else assigns an item to that user or group, you can no longer delete that user or group.
You can only delete a project if an item does not reference that project or any of its children. To delete an idle project that has children, you must first delete all of its children and then delete the project.
You can delete admin provided objects that have references to other admin provided objects as long as the admin provided object you are deleting does not violate the restrictions mentioned earlier in this section. When deleting the admin provided object, a prompt displays stating if there are object references. You then have the opportunity to cancel and manually remove the references. You can view object references on the References tab when editing or viewing an admin provided object.
Contrary to other admin provided objects, you cannot delete a field if it has references to other admin provided objects, even if that field has not made a change to the database. You must remove the references before deleting the field.