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Admin Provided Objects
Admin provided objects are objects within the workflow and document object model that support solution definition and management, as well as workflow migration.
Converting a user object to an admin provided object provides a number of benefits:
it identifies the object as part of a solution, allowing users to distinguish between corporate standard user objects and those that other users have created (which may not be intended for general use)
it allows Windchill RV&S administrators, in addition to the creator of the original user object, to manage and update the object as needed
admin provided objects are visible to all users, regardless of sharing permissions, avoiding potential issues with visibility
Any object that is a component of a solution must be an admin provided object. The objects that can be converted to admin provided objects include: queries, charts, reports, and dashboards. Objects are specified as admin provided objects by setting the Admin Provided attribute when you create or edit the objects. If an object, such as a query, is required by a dependant component in the solution, such as a scheduled trigger, it is automatically registered as an admin provided object. Since triggers can only be defined and managed by Windchill RV&S administrators and apply to all users, they are by nature part of a solution.