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Setting Up E-mail Notifications
Any Windchill RV&S user can be notified through an e-mail message whenever a new item is submitted or item information changes. This is useful for users who need to review and approve state changes on new submissions or existing items and for users who need to work on items assigned to them. Notifications also keep users informed of project progress.
E-mail notification is subject to project, type, and field visibility rules. Only users that have visibility for a given project and type receive e-mail notification for items related to that project and type. In addition, e-mail notifications include only the fields they have permission to view. For more information, see “Setting Workflow and Document Project Visibility”.
E-mail notifications are evaluated on the Windchill RV&S server’s time zone.
You can configure Windchill RV&S to send one or more users e-mail notifications by creating rules. Rules are made up of conditions, which are logical expressions of specific item field changes that you want to be notified about. For example, you could create a simple rule containing one condition that sends you e-mail every time a new problem assigned to you is submitted. Similarly, you could create a complex rule containing two conditions that sends you e-mail every time a new problem assigned to you is submitted and when existing problems become assigned to you. Rules can contain as many conditions as you want.
The e-mail message displays information on the item, for example, the item type, ID, summary, who edited the item and when, a hyperlink to the item, and the modified fields.
Optionally, you can select additional notification fields for each type. These additional notification fields are included in the notification e-mail sent to users. Additional notification fields display as a separate Notification Fields section between the default header section and the Modified Fields section.
You can also select the character set that the Windchill RV&S server uses when sending e-mail. The property controlling the character set is contained in file:
By default, the character set for internationalization support is:
Permissions for E-mail Notification
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