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Viewing ViewSets
The ViewSets view is the primary location for administering ViewSets. While you can perform modifications to some ViewSets from the Windchill RV&S client, the ViewSets view provides complete administrative functionality.
To see the ViewSets view, you need the PublishNewViewSet permission or permission to modify any server (published) ViewSet.
To open the ViewSets view from the Windchill RV&S administration client, select the ViewSet Distribution > ViewSets node. The ViewSets view displays.
The ViewSets view displays the following information by default:
Published State
Displays what type of ViewSet it is, and consequently where the ViewSet is located. The type of the ViewSet determines what operations you can perform on it.
Displays the name of the ViewSet. The system is able to work with different ViewSets using the same name.
Displays the name of the user who published the ViewSet.
Modified Date
The meaning of modified date varies based the type of ViewSet:
Personal ViewSets, is the modified date of the ViewSet on the server at the time it was installed on the Windchill RV&S client.
Unpublished ViewSets, is the date the ViewSet was last edited.
Published ViewSets, is the date the ViewSet was either published, or its properties edited on the server.
Displays a description of the ViewSet, if one was provided for it.
Specifies if the ViewSet is mandatory for users who have permission to import it.
This field only applies to published ViewSets.
Specifies if the ViewSet can be customized by users.
The customization options available to users will depend on the ViewSet attribute you choose. If you select Customizable, all customization options are displayed to users when they select ViewSet > Customize. If you do not select Customizable, only client-specific/ViewSet-independent customization options remain available for selection (that is, the option for Switch ViewSets Toolbar).
If a ViewSet is mandatory, it cannot be set to customizable.
ViewSet Types and Locations
Default ViewSets