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Understanding ViewSets
A ViewSet is a collection of views in a specific configuration that persists each time the user opens and closes the Windchill RV&S client. As an administrator, you have the ability to control the configuration of ViewSets. Each ViewSet can be designed around one or more tasks, often corresponding to a specific role, such as a developer or project manager. For example, a developer ViewSet might contain views and actions for items and queries, while a project manager ViewSet might contain views and actions for charts, reports, and dashboards.
It is the ability to specify not just open views, but available menu items (and toolbar buttons) that launch views, that gives the ViewSet its effectiveness with users. As an administrator for the ViewSet, you can even limit the level of customization that users are able to perform and what they see as available to customize.
Depending on your work environment, one of your responsibilities as an administrator may be creating ViewSets for specific roles in your organization. Once you create a ViewSet, you can make it available to other users by publishing it on the Windchill RV&S server. Users can then import the ViewSet using the client. Users cannot import ViewSets that reside on other clients. In addition, you can create mandatory ViewSets that are automatically imported into each user’s client when it connects to the server.
Windchill RV&S saves published ViewSet files in XML format in the database.
You can create and edit ViewSets in the GUI; however, you can retrieve published ViewSets from the database for manual editing. Once you are finished editing these files, you can store them in the database.
As an alternative to using the Admin Migration Wizard, you could also retrieve a published ViewSet from a server, modify it, and place it in another server’s database for use.
To retrieve published ViewSets from the database, use the integrity/im getdbfile command.
To put published ViewSets in the database, use the integrity/im putdbfile command.
The integrity putdbfile and getdbfile commands require the mks:AdminServer permission. The im putdbfile and getdbfile commands require the mks:im:AdminServer permission.
For more information on using these commands, see the CLI man pages.
You can also specify which users and groups are permitted to import, edit, and publish specific ViewSets.
For troubleshooting problems associated with ViewSets, see “ViewSets FAQ”.