Server Administration > Role-Based Views for Users > Administering Published ViewSets > Published ViewSet Properties > Editing ViewSet Attributes
Editing ViewSet Attributes
You can edit the attributes for ViewSets located on the Windchill RV&S server. Editing published ViewSet attributes (through editing properties) does not require a local unpublished ViewSet duplicate.
You can also edit ViewSet attributes when publishing a ViewSet.
From the ViewSets view, select the ViewSet you want to edit attributes for. Select ViewSet > Edit ViewSet Properties. The Edit ViewSet Properties dialog box displays. Click the Attributes tab.
For information on using the Permissions tab, see “ViewSet Permissions”.
The following attributes are editable:
Contains the name for the ViewSet. ViewSet names are not required to be unique. Windchill RV&S tracks the ViewSet independently of the name you assign it. However, no two published ViewSets on the same server may have the same name.
Contains an optional description for a ViewSet. For example, tell users why and how they should use the ViewSet.
Specifies that the ViewSet is optional to users. Users who have permission to import the ViewSet may do so at their discretion, but they are not required to do so. When importing ViewSets, users can see if a change to this ViewSet is made and then can choose to import the updated ViewSet.
Specifies that the ViewSet is mandatory to users who have permission to import it. Users do not have a choice if the ViewSet is imported. Instead, the ViewSet is automatically downloaded and installed for the user when the Windchill RV&S server connects to the Windchill RV&S administration client. For more information, see “Mandatory ViewSets”.
Specifies if users can customize the ViewSet.
The customization options available to users will depend on the ViewSet attribute you choose. If you select Customizable, all customization options are displayed to users when they select ViewSet > Customize. If you do not select Customizable, only client-specific/ViewSet-independent customization options remain available for selection (that is, the option for Switch ViewSets Toolbar).
Users cannot customize mandatory ViewSets.