Server Configuration > User and Group Permissions > Viewing Dynamic Groups
Viewing Dynamic Groups
You can review the details of a dynamic group through the Dynamic Groups dialog box. The details of the dynamic group are not editable in view mode, and you can only view one dynamic group at a time.
To view an existing dynamic group using the GUI
1. From the Dynamic Groups view, select Dynamic Group > View Definition for a selected dynamic group. The Dynamic Group<name> dialog box displays.
When you are in view mode, you cannot change the information that displays. In view mode you can select and expand projects to see their membership.
2. To determine all objects that reference the dynamic group, click the References tab. For information on admin provided object references, see the Admin Provided Objects topic in the Server Administration documentation.
3. To view a history of administrative changes for the dynamic group, click the History tab. The record of changes displays.
4. When you are finished viewing this information, click Close.