Server Configuration > User and Group Permissions > Editing Dynamic Groups
Editing Dynamic Groups
After you create a dynamic group, you can at any time decide to edit that group if changes are required. Changes could include revisions to membership, permission inheritance, or the applicable project.
Project administrators can also edit the dynamic group membership for projects they administer; however, a project administrator cannot modify a dynamic group in any other way. For more information on project administrators, see the Administrator documentation.
A dynamic group cannot be changed to a static group.
Users designated as project managers are also allowed to edit dynamic groups for their assigned projects.
To edit an existing dynamic group using the GUI
1. From the Dynamic Groups view, select Dynamic Group > Edit. The Edit Dynamic Group dialog box displays.
2. Edit the dynamic group as required. For information about the fields in this dialog box.
3. To determine all objects that reference the dynamic group, click the References tab. For information on admin provided object references, see the Admin Provided Objects topic in the Server Administration documentation.
4. To view a history of administrative changes for the dynamic group, click the History tab. The record of changes displays.
5. To save your changes, click OK.