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Deactivating Users
Setting a user to inactive means that user cannot log into Windchill RV&S and is not displayed in the data filter by default. An inactive user’s name can still be selected using the inactive filter. For information on using the data filter, see the Filtering Data topic in the Getting Started documentation.
By deactivating users, the default active filter in the data filter displays only those users that are currently active in Windchill RV&S. Windchill RV&S continues to display e-mail links for inactive users but does not send e-mail notifications to them.
Deactivating a user also means that Windchill RV&S no longer searches for that user when performing realm operations. This can help maintain server performance when large numbers of users are involved.
When searching the realm for users at server startup, Windchill RV&S searches only for those users identified as active.
Because inactive users are not considered part of the realm, they do not display when filtered by group, even if the inactive data filter is enabled.
To deactivate a user in the GUI
1. From the Users view, select the user you want to edit.
2. Select User > Edit. The Edit User dialog box displays.
3. To deactivate the user, clear the Active check box.
Inactive values are not accepted in trigger assignments or as field values. If the user is referenced in a trigger assignment or as the default value in a user field, moving the user from active to inactive displays an error message.
4. To save the changes, click OK. The changes take effect immediately in the Windchill RV&S database. In the Users view, the inactive user is denoted with the icon and a blank entry under the Is Active column (if displayed). The same icon is used to indicate users that are not in the realm.
You can right click the column header bar to add the Is Active column.