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Creating Dynamic Groups
To control which users can work with items in a specific project, you can create a dynamic group. Dynamic groups can be used when you need to limit access to items for a specified project and ultimately control state transitions, field relevance, and field editability.
To create a dynamic group in the GUI
1. From the Dynamic Groups view, select Dynamic Group > Create. The Create Dynamic Group window appears.
Text in the description appears to users as a tooltip.
2. In the Name field, type the name you want to assign to the dynamic group. For example, a group for the SourceCode project could be called SourceCode Group.
3. Under the Description tab, type a more detailed textual description of the dynamic group, such as project information, team names, and so on.
4. To select an image to display with the dynamic group you are creating, click the Image tab.
5. To associate an image with the dynamic group, you have three options:
To use your own icon image, select Use Custom Image and click Select to browse for the image file.
To use the predefined icon image, selectDefault Image.
To have no associated icon image with the group, select No Image.
If you choose to use your own custom icon image, the image must be in GIF or JPEG format and no larger than 24 (width) by 16 (height) pixels.
6. To assign the membership for the new dynamic group, click the Group Membership tab. The Group Membership panel appears.
In the left pane under Project, use the data filter to select the project you want the dynamic group to apply to. For detailed information on using the data filter, see the Filtering Data topic in the Getting Started documentation.
The Unspecified project is a top level project, and so it cannot inherit permissions from any other project. Furthermore, no other project can be a subproject of the Unspecified project.
To select the principals (users and groups) you want to include in the dynamic group, select a visible project in the left pane under Project, then click + and select principals using the data filter.
When the newly created new dynamic project is a root project, the option for Inherit permissions from parent project is unavailable. If the new dynamic project is a child project and you want the parent project permissions to apply, you can then select the option for Inherit permissions from parent project. To inherit permissions, select the option.
7. To save your changes and create the new dynamic group, click OK.