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Valid Field Attributes For DOTX Templates
An attribute is specified through a key=value pair, where the key is alphanumeric and the value encased in double quotation marks.
The following characters must be escaped with a backslash (\) for the field values:
equal (=)
double quotations marks (")
comma (,)
backslash (\)
The following are field attribute valid keys:
Attribute Key
Specifies a date format for the field. The format must be a Java supported date format.
Specifies the default value for the field, and used only in creating the building block for adding new content items.
This attribute is only applicable in the context of a document and cannot be used for single-item editing.
Specifies if the field is editable in the Word editor. Values may be true or false. The default value is true.
Specifies that the field be represented as a hyperlink. For example, when specified with the ID field, users can click on the ID to view the item.
In the word template, if the hyperlink attribute is set to the value true and the field is of type id, a hyperlink is created for the ID.
Used for Windchill RV&S long-text fields with logging enabled. For example, the logging text field Notes can be represented in the template as:
<%{Notes}%> (display the text already recorded)
<%{Notes} inputOnly="true"%> (allow the new text for Notes to be added)
Specifies a list of comma-separated values for the field. The values are used to form user selectable lists in the Word editor. The specified order is maintained.
Do not set a value for this attribute for User and Group fields in a template specified as the default edit template.
Used for Windchill RV&S fields with rich content enabled. Specifies if the field can be edited as rich content in the Word editor. Values may be true or false. The default value is true.