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Defining Type Properties
You can define type properties from the Edit Type (or Create Type) dialog box in the Windchill RV&S administration client GUI. To define type properties, click the Type Properties node and use the data filter to search for the properties you want to define.
Type properties can be any name=value pairing. For example, a type property can be something that solutions or custom configured triggers can look for as a switch in the custom code.
Configuring Custom Column Sets for the Propagate Traces Wizard
Windchill RV&S provides a type property that allows you to customize the column set that is displayed to users in the Propagate Traces wizard. Using the MKS.RQ.PropagateTracesColumnFieldNames type property, you can define a custom column set for the field that displays the list of available document branches. The property value is a comma-separated list of field names that will be displayed as column headers in the Propagate Traces wizard. The column headers are displayed according to the order specified in the list of values. Column widths are sized according to system defaults; however, user specified changes are persisted in the wizard. Users can also choose to use a different column set.
The MKS.RQ.PropagateTracesColumnFieldNames property is applicable only for the MKS Solution type. A newly defined column set displays only if users have not previously saved a default column set for the Propagate Traces wizard in their ViewSet. If a default column set has been saved, users can delete and re-import their ViewSet to see the new column set.
For example, a type property definition of:
displays ID, Summary, State, and Type as the column headers from left to right on the Propagate Traces wizard.