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What Is an Event Trigger?
An event trigger is a block of code that the Windchill RV&S server or Windchill RV&S client runs when a predefined event occurs. The block of code that runs is called a trigger script. For example, you could set up an event trigger that sends an e-mail notification to a user when a user’s lock is downgraded, or changes the assigned user when an item’s state changes.
An event trigger is an association between a predefined event and the script that is to be executed when that event occurs. These scripts fall into two categories based on when they occur and if they modify entries in the database. The two categories are as follows:
Pre-event triggers are executed before the event occurs, for example, they can modify an item being changed and prevent changes to an item.
Pre-condition triggers are pre-events pertaining to items that exist under the document model, and operate under the same principles as pre-event triggers.
Post-event triggers are executed after the event occurs, for example, returning information on items in the database and perform actions such as sending mail, but they cannot make modifications to items.
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