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Updating Events Definition File
Events definition files are used to specify which scripts to run for a particular event or events. The events definition file essentially attaches the script to the event. The file follows the format of a Java properties file and includes configuration keys to indicate the context of the events, as well as a key for each event addressed by the specified context:
In the global context, the required configuration key is:
where the event context is defined as global.
In the configuration management project context, the required configuration keys are:
where the event context is project and the path to the specific project is also defined.
Use forward slashes (/)when specifying a project path.
For both global and project contexts, the event key is a comma-delimited list of scripts for each event addressed by the specified context. The syntax is:
context is archive, member, project, revision, or server
operation is the actual configuration management operation, for example, checkIn, checkOut, setAttribute, or checkpoint
pre/post indicates whether the script is run before or after the event
An example of a completed event key is:
You cannot use configuration management events New Project and Drop Project in the project context.
To update the global events definition template
To update the project events definition template