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In Windchill RV&S, item types can each have their own set of states to advance through. They can also follow a state model defined by the project administrator, giving greater control over who has access to a specific item type at a given time, as well as who has responsibility for approving the advancement of the state.
Throughout the development lifecycle, items submitted in Windchill RV&S go through a workflow. You can customize the workflow and the stage the item is in. These stages are called states in Windchill RV&S. For example, your process may include resource allocation, research, coding, and testing, or your process can be more elaborate.
Possible states for a typical development environment are Submitted, In Review, Rejected, In Development, Unit Test, Development Done, Built, In QA, Passed, Failed, In Production, and Released.
Key Considerations
You can only create one state at a time.
States can be referenced by more than one workflow. For example, you could set the Submit state as the starting step for all your workflows.