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Multi-server Environments
When performing HotFix updates in a multi-server or split server environment, it is important to install HotFix updates on all Windchill RV&S servers, thereby keeping the servers at the same patch level. This is particularly important when you install an updated version of a superceded HotFix.
If you install HotFixes only on selected servers in a multi-server environment, connecting clients may be prompted to download a HotFix that has been superceded. Windchill RV&S clients that are not patched to the correct level may not work correctly with a patched server.
Also in a multi-server environment, connecting Windchill RV&S clients may be prompted to roll back multiple times if the host server has been rolled back to an earlier HotFix version than is currently installed on the client. Even if prompted multiple times, this step is normal and is only required to keep the client patched to the same level as the server.