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Customizing Solutions
Solution templates have sample data to provide you with sample management capabilities. With some assistance from Services, the solution and/or process template can be customized to create a solution that is right for your organization. More specifically, you can:
personalize item presentation templates and reports with your company logo
add field values
add or revise states
customize permissions to reflect users and groups in your organization
add or revise event triggers and field rules to implement your processes
add fields
add or revise reports
merge the Windchill RV&S solution template item types with existing item types in your Windchill RV&S database
add relationships
add or revise item types
After a template or solution is installed, specific data is populated throughout the affected admin provided objects and components. The following table contains a sampling of data you can expect to see in some affected components.
This section is intended to represent a sampling of components only. For specific field-level details by solution, see the individual solution documentation.
Item Type
Item types provide the foundation for Windchill RV&S items.
Windchill RV&S Solution templates come with predefined items based on the business process inherent in the template.
The state you can move an item to depends on the workflow configured for that item type and what user you are logged in as.
Sample items pertaining to solution workflow.
The item types included with solution templates are available for view and customization from the Workflows and Documents > Types node in the Administration Client.
Workflow with States
States are attributed to items as they progress throughout different stages in a development lifecycle’s workflow, for example, Investigate, Submit, Complete.
Workflow is the project or process from a big picture and contains states that allow you to move through the workflow process. Pre-defined workflows can allow you ready access to process and states.
States and workflows are defined in specific templates. If your workflow has been predefined in a template (depending on how your project manager has set the system up), you may not be able to move to the next state without completing the prior state.
Solution templates include predefined workflows and states that are set up and customized by Managers or users with the applicable permissions. States are available for view from the Workflows and Documents > States node in the Administration Client.
Items contain fields, and fields are used to capture data.
The administrator can customize an item type using standard and custom fields to meet specific organizational needs.
Create field names that are meaningful to your organization.
After the template is installed, the imported fields are listed (and available for customization and editing) from the Workflows and Documents > Fields node in the Administration Client.
Solution templates define a limited number of roles per template in order to properly demonstrate the interactions of the four implemented processes.
Sample types of users such as Project Managers and Administrators.
Each solution template includes a selection of users and groups that are applicable to each solution’s methodology.
Users and groups are available for customization and editing from the Workflows and Documents > Users or Workflows and Documents > Groups node in the Administration Client.
Queries are used for tracking item information in the Windchill RV&S database. A query is a request to select and list the items that meet specific selection criteria. The selection criteria is a logical expression of specific values, or range of values, of the fields of the item.
Sample queries created for common day-to-day processes.
<solution name prefix>_<name of query>
Queries are available for customization and editing from the Workflows and Documents > Queries node in the Administration Client.