Server Configuration > Post Install Server Security > Managing MKS Domain Groups > To create an MKS Domain group in the GUI
To create an MKS Domain group in the GUI
MKS Domain groups contain users from the MKS Domain.
1. From the Groups view in the MKS Domain, select Domain Group > Create.
The Create MKS Domain Group window displays.
2. Edit the following as required:
Group Name tab specifies information about the group.
Name contains a unique string used as a name for the group. Group names cannot contain commas and must not exceed 100 characters.
You cannot edit the group name after the group is created. You must delete the group from the domain, and create it again using a different group name.
— To mark a group as restricted, select this option.
Only principals with RestrictGroup permission on the mks:system:mksdomain ACL can create, edit, and delete restricted groups.
Description contains an optional description of the group. The maximum group description is 4000 characters.
Group Members tab specifies group membership. To add members to the group, see the “Filtering Data” topic in the Windchill RV&S Help Center.
3. To save your changes and close the window, click OK.