Server Configuration > Post Install Server Security > Managing MKS Domain Users > To edit an MKS Domain user in the GUI
To edit an MKS Domain user in the GUI
1. From the Users view in the MKS Domain, select the user to be edited.
2. Select Domain User > Edit. The Edit MKS Domain Userdialog box displays.
3. Edit the following fields as necessary:
Full Name contains the full name of the user, including surname. The maximum name length is 100 characters.
Email contains the e-mail address of the user. The maximum e-mail length is 100 characters.
The Login ID is not editable.
4. To edit the user password, in the User Password section, select Change User Password, then edit the following fields:
New Password contains the password that is to replace the user’s existing password. The maximum password length is 50 characters.
Confirm New Password contains a repeat of the contents entered into the Password field for accuracy confirmation.
Empty passwords for users are not permitted. Users can change their own passwords through the GUI and CLI interfaces.
5. To save your changes and close the dialog box, click OK. The user details are modified.