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Changing Encrypted Passwords on Proxy
If you have configured FSA for your environment, you can use the encryptPassword application to change encrypted passwords on the proxy. The following passwords are changed in the file on the proxy:
You can also run the command to change encrypted passwords on the proxy by specifying various command options as follows:
encryptPassword -c|--changePassword proxy
encryptPassword runs the application for password encryption.
-c|--changePassword proxy specifies the option for changing existing encrypted passwords on the target proxy, for example, encryptPassword -c proxy.
mksis.proxy.default.adminPassword specifies the default proxy you want to change the password for.
mksis.proxy.serveralias.adminPassword specifies the server alias for the proxy change the password for.
passwordValue is the value you assign to the password. Strong passwords have more than eight characters, and include both upper case and lower case characters.
You can also specify multiple target proxy passwords by using space-separated command options, for example:
encryptPassword -c mksis.proxy.proxyserver1.adminPassword=password1
The following procedure outlines the syntax for encryptPassword -c proxy where no additional options are specified and you are presented with a text menu to guide you through the change process.
To change encrypted passwords on the proxy