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Grouping and Group Counts in a Report Recipe
Users want a report that has the ability to group items together and give a count of the number of items in each grouping. This would make reports easier to read and provide a quick item overview.
Create a report recipe containing grouping tags that allow users to select a field they want to group the items by, and display the grouping field, value and count for each grouping in the report.
For example:
<%version 1%>
<%description <b>Description: </b>This is a report that uses
Windchill RVS grouping report tags.<br><br>%>
<%param name="reporttitle" type="String" prompt="Report Title" value=""
description="Descriptive title for your report."%>
<%param name="reportheader" type="MultiString" prompt="Report Header"
value="" description="Text appearing at the top of the report page."%>
<%param name="reportfooter" type="MultiString" prompt="Report Footer"
value="Confidential - Internal Use Only" description="Text appearing
at the bottom of the report page."%>
<title>Grouping Report</title>

<%sortby &sortby%>
<span class="logo"><%logoURL%></span>
<p class="title">&reporttitle</p>
<p class="header">&reportheader</p>
<div align="right" class="date"><%currentdate%></div>
<table class="display">
<tr><td colspan="&#fields"><hr class="hr_default"></td></tr>
<!-- Display item field headings -->
<th class="heading1">&fielddisplayname</th>
<tr><td colspan="&#fields"><hr class="hr_default"></td></tr>
<%groupby &groupby%>
<!-- Display first group heading -->
<td colspan="&#fields" class="grouping1">
<%groupname%>: <%groupvalue%>
<!-- Display item field values -->
<td class="border">&fieldname</td>
<!-- Display first group count -->
<td colspan="&#fields" class="right">
<p class="bold_color">Group Item Total: <%groupcount%></p>
<tr><td colspan="&#fields"><hr class="hr_default"></td></tr>
<tr><td colspan="&#fields"><hr class="hr_default"></td></tr>
<span class="footer">&reportfooter</span>
<div align="center">
<a href="<%weburl%>im/runreport?selection=&currentReportName">
<img src="<%weburl%>Report_Recipe/re-run_report.gif"
align="middle" border="0">