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Creating a Simple Report Recipe Using Basic Windchill RV&S Report Tags
Your company has requested that you create a simple report recipe to allow users to report on basic item information. The report recipe must contain the following:
Basic Windchill RV&S Report Tags
Your company needs a report available in the report wizard that will list Windchill RV&S items in a column (table) format. The names of the item fields need to display along the top row of the report, and the values for each corresponding item field need to display beneath for each item.
Create a report recipe containing HTML and Windchill RV&S report tags to display item information.
Corporate Fonts and Colors
The executives would like the report to look more professional by applying corporate colors to the report.
Add style tags to the report recipe to allow users to select the presentation of the report.
Report Parameters
The report needs to have a title and description at the top (header), with a confidentiality message at the bottom (footer). You do not want to hard-code these elements in the report recipe since they will be different for each company department using the report recipe.
Use report parameters to allow users to supply their own values for each of these elements.
Date and Time
The report needs to have the current date displayed in the top right, and any date or date time fields displayed in the report need to conform to company standards.
Add date and date time tags to the report recipe so that users can select the display format for date and date time fields. Also, add the current date tag to display the date the report is run.
Different departments in your company need to be able to sort the report you are creating by a field of their choice.
Use the sort by tag to add the ability to sort the report by any of the report fields.
Corporate Logo
Corporate policy requires a company logo on all internal documents.
Add the logo tag to your report recipe to allow users to choose a company logo for the report.
Image and Link to Re-run the Report
Users want the ability to re-run your report in order to get the latest updates without having to run the report from the Windchill RV&S client.
Add a re-run report image and link to the bottom of your report recipe that people can use to run the current report again.
For example:
<%version 1%>
<%description <b>Description: </b>This is a report that uses basic
Windchill RVS report tags.<br><br>%>
<%param name="reporttitle" type="String" prompt="Report Title" value=""
description="Descriptive title for your report."%>
<%param name="reportheader" type="MultiString" prompt="Report Header" value=""
description="Text appearing at the top of the report page."%>
<%param name="reportfooter" type="MultiString" prompt="Report Footer"
value="Confidential - Internal Use Only" description="Text appearing at
the bottom of the report page."%>
<title>Basic Report</title>

<%sortby &sortby%>
<span class="logo"><%logoURL%></span>
<p class="title">&reporttitle</p>
<p class="header">&reportheader</p>
<div align="right" class="date"><%currentdate%></div>
<table class="display">
<tr><td colspan="&#fields"><hr class="hr_default"></td></tr>
<!-- Display item field headings -->
<th class="heading1">&fielddisplayname</th>
<tr><td colspan="&#fields"><hr class="hr_default"></td></tr>
<!-- Display item field values -->
<td class="border">&fieldname</td>

tr><td colspan="&#fields"><hr class="hr_default"></td></tr>
<span class="footer">&reportfooter</span>
<div align="center">
<a href="<%weburl%>im/runreport?selection=&currentReportName">
<img src="<%weburl%>Report_Recipe/re-run_report.gif"
:align="middle" border="0">