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Argument Tag
The argument tag allows for arguments to be passed to a report when a report is run.
<%arg argumentname%> displays the name of the argument.
<%<%arg argumentname%>%> displays the argument value.
You could use the arguments in a CLI command. For example:
im runreport --param=status=State
or in a Windchill RV&S Web link:
<a href="<%weburl%>im/runreport?selection= &currentReportName&param=status=State">
In the examples above, the argument name is status and the argument value is State. A <%arg status%> tag displays the name of the argument, in this case status in a report.
A <%<%status%>%> tag displays the value of the argument value, in this case the actual state of the item (treated as <%State%> in the report).
For example, the arguments are used to pass in filters to another report. You have one report at the top of the browser that lists combo boxes full of potential filters. Clicking a button launches a different report in an iFrame that uses the arguments to filter itself. This makes the server perform the filtering, not the client browser.