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Source Configuration Properties in the Database
Sets the timeout for the server’s global HTTP sessions. If an HTTP session remains inactive for longer than the timeout period, the session expires. A value of 0 effectively ignores this property and the session timeout for the Web interface becomes the server's configured value. The value is stored as seconds.
Prevents characters from being used in a development path name. To prevent the use of certain characters, enter them in the Value field. These values are case-sensitive. Enter multiple letters without a space. For example, to prevent the use of the characters x, X, y, and $, enter xXy$.
The following characters are not allowed in development path names by default:
[', ']
ISO control characters
Ignorable characters in a Java or Unicode identifier
File listing projects with disabled event triggers, for example:
Determines whether or not to disable subproject triggers if any one of its parent projects has disabled event triggers.
Default is true.
Enables configuration management triggers.
If set to false, all the other triggers properties are ignored and no configuration management triggers will run.
Default is true.
Directory for event definition files (.events files).
Default is triggers/events/.
Resolution type. One of singlescript, singlecontext, or chained.
Default is chained.
Order of trigger resolution. Windchill RV&S resolves global triggers followed by project triggers.
Default is global;project.